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   Manhole cover
   Floor drain
 Name: Ruiyang Casting Co., Ltd.
 Telephone: 0086-0310-4136369
 Fax: 0086-0310-4136369
 Contact: Wang Jinghui 15933109150
 Address: Industrial Area Of Hucun Town
 Post Code: 056106
 Website: http//
ps换照片底色换成白色 ps换照片底色换成白色 ,yy4080青苹果万达利影院 yy4080青苹果万达利影院 ,南无月光如来图片 南无月光如来图片
Located at Industrial Area Of Hucun Town,Fuxing District,Handan City,Hebei Province,China, Handan Ruiyang Casting Co., Ltd. is adjacent to Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway with convenient transportations.
Our Company is a specialized enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, depending on our scientific management and one-stop production line from blast-furnace burden, moulding and casting to machining, our annual output can reach up to 5,000 tons; what’s more, with excellent machining equipments, modern testing equipments at domestic advanced level and up-to-the-minute shot blasting & sand-cleaning treatment, we manufacture products with aesthetic appearance and excellent quality which are well received by users.
Our Company specializes in manufacturing and selling nodular cast iron and gray pig iron well covers and downspout gratings which are widely used in various highway pavements, plazas, sanitary sewers, parks and telecommunications etc. With the product quality conforming to EN124 standard and certified by ISO9001: 2000 quality system, our products have been exported to EU, Middle East, Southeast Asia, America and many other countries.
Adhering to the business concept of running business based on good faith, winning with quality and offering excellent service, our Company wish to establish friendly cooperation with people from all walks of life at home and abroad heartily with the aim of meeting customers’ needs.
ps换照片底色换成白色 ps换照片底色换成白色 ,yy4080青苹果万达利影院 yy4080青苹果万达利影院 ,南无月光如来图片 南无月光如来图片
Copyright : Handan Ruiyang Casting Co., Ltd.
Address: Industrial Area Of Hucun Town,Fuxing District,Handan City,Hebei Province,China  Telephone: 0086-0310-4136369  Fax: 0086-0310-4136369   Post Code: 056106